Simply Homeschool

Do you have joy in your homeschool? Or are you just getting through the day? Are you buried in papers and assignments and schedules? Are you feeling like you are just going through the motions? Are you yearning for summer?

I hear from so many moms who are feeling this way, and so many times I have been there myself...but I want to tell you...it's not about you. It's about God, and what He does on through your homeschool journey..He gives each of us the power and the strength to answer the call. We could never do it in our own strength.

I want to tell you to stop. Slow down. Stop chasing. Stop striving. Stop making about it about the world. Make it about Him. This world and all it has passes away, but He is eternal. 

Stop. Look in your child's eyes. Focus on the relationship with the child. At that moment. These are the things that matter for eternity.

Let the extras go...if they are bogging you down, then they aren't meant to be there. This journey isn't going to last forever. In fact, each year it gets shorter and shorter...so do it well.

I always tell my kids to do all tasks well.
Whatever lies before them, whether how big or small, do it well. So we as homeschool moms...are we doing it well? Are you stretched so thin we are giving a little in a lot of places? Or are we focused on what really matters? 

Stop spending hours on curriculum choices. Stop spending hours in a flurry of activity because you want to make sure you are doing enough. Stop spending hours worrying that you aren't doing it right.

Spend those hours in prayer. Spend those hours face to face looking into your child's eyes. Know them. Love them. 

Spend those hours truly schooling your children in what matters. Spend the hours focused on the tasks before you. Spend those hours getting back to the heart...

Simply homeschool...and do it well.

I had the privilege to be a guest on Rebecca Brandt's podcast yesterday, Rejoicing Daily. You will love her heart...visit her over at Mom's Mustard Seeds.

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Kathy Riley said...

Thank-you, Karen, for the blessing of your podcast! I listened to it last night, and just finished it this morning. My story is so similar, not seeking to homeschool, yet God continues to teach me, to humble me, and to fill in the gaps where there are weaknesses and insecurity. (I have a friend who still introduces me, jokingly, as a new homeschool mom, and this is our eleventh year! She knows how I have wrestled!)
Your words were a loving reminder to my heart, to seek Him first. We are in the midst of ACT prep classes, community college, and high school activity. Despite the busyness, am I coming to Him, the one who lavishes wisdom generously? I won't have the energy to finish this race He has set me on unless I stay focused on Jesus. Ugh. I still feel like a little kid flailing about on the floor in a temper tantrum, when I don't know how to do something!
So, praise God, Karen, for your words of encouragement to stir our hearts and spur us on in our homeschooling, heart changing journey!
With gratitude,
Kathy Riley

sara said...

Awesome reminder!!!