The Heaviness of This World and The Glory That is To Come

Life has been heavy lately. Really, really heavy. Tragedy close to  home. Tragedy far from home. It's everywhere these days. Sometimes it doesn't make sense.

God is good. Then why all this bad?

That's a loaded question...

But, He is good.
That is truth.

Even when...
people are dying,  people are suffering, and it feels like the world is in a downward spiral.

He is good.

I remember that Jesus didn't live here on earth comfortably. He suffered. He was persecuted. He didn't live a long life by many standards. He died the most painful and excruciating death.

And He forgave in the last moments.
And He rose and defeated death.

By the world's standards, He was not successful  and He did not live a life of comfort. By God's standards, He overcame all evil and all death.

And we will overcome.

That's the beauty. This life is not all there is. We are suffering each day, but Jesus knows our pain. He shared in suffering.

And one day, one glorious day, we will suffer no more.

We are in pain because we focus on this earth. We are in pain because we lose sight of the end. But, this pain is for a purpose. We must believe that every ounce of pain will be made good because God says so in His Word.

And Jesus' pain was used for good.

Our job right now is to take the message to a suffering and hurting world. We suffer because we think this is all there is. We lash out and we are angry because we only see right now.

If the world knew Jesus and knew that there is eternal peace, it would change everything. We would all focus on what is to come and live this earthly life for Him, and not for us.

We would focus on others and not ourselves.

Yesterday we started to do a small part here in our small slice of the world to share the message of God's love. We didn't shout about our beliefs, but we simply reached out to others in a small and simple way.

We set up a farm stand in front of our house to share the abundance of veggies from our gardens. We talked with folks from our little town and hopefully shared a smile and friendship. We need to share to a hurting world God's love, and that is what we will do.

We hope that through our little bit of sharing food, we can share God's love. That those who see us, will really see Him in us.

So go out today to a suffering world. Share a smile. Share any small way that you can...and let this world know, Jesus is the answer to all pain and suffering. May we all share in His glory together some day.


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Take time for YOU. Take time to seek Him.

See you SOON!


Podcast Episode 25 • Don't Wait for Some Day. Live Your Life Right Now

We often say "someday" we will do this or that, but in reality, we only have this moment right in front of us. We don't need to wait to start living the life we have always wanted. We can live it right now. Start living simply. Start living for Him. Choose faith over fear and begin to live more purposefully and with intention today.
(Don't mind the voice, I was recovering form a cold/sore throat!) ;)


Stop Window Shopping for a Better Life. End Mental Clutter and Live the Life in Front of You

The internet has brought about such an abundance of information these days. And while it can be a huge blessing to have access to so much right at our fingertips, it can also lead to serious discontent, not to mention wasted time. We spend hours upon hours scrolling. Whether we are looking for homeschool curriculum, things for our home, reading articles, comparing products, or just reading about other people's lives, we may need to evaluate where we spend our time.

Are we spending our time window shopping for our life, or are we living it?

The allure of the internet is that we can see it all right in front of us–we find things that we want or even things we didn't want soon become our desire. Our mind is inundated with images all showing us how we can have it better.

We read articles about how other people are doing things and we begin to covet for our own life. We start to compare. It is a slippery slope.

We are essentially filling up our mind with how we want our life to be, yet the irony is, we aren't living our life. We are scrolling endlessly, while life passes by in the background.

Our families need us present. There is more contentment and fulfillment in our own real life, rather than reading about other people's lives, or the next best thing that promises to make our life better.

Choose to spend your time in His Word. There and only there are the true answers to contentment, a better life, and fulfillment. Let our kids see us in the Word searching for answers more than on the Internet scrolling away.

Life is too short to be wasted window shopping. Live real life and live it right now.

NEXT MONTH we will gather together to take some time in a beautiful setting and talk about living more simply! There is a little time left to register! Click below for the info:


You Don't Need a Farm to Live Simply. Learning to Live Right Where You Are

You don't need a thing to live simply. That's the beauty. You don't need a farm. You don't need land. You don't need a tiny house. You don't need chickens or a garden or a lifestyle change. You need a heart that is willing to let go of things, but how that looks for each of us may be different.

Living simply is a mindset more than a lifestyle. It is chasing after God, and desiring less of what the world offers. When we seek Him more we pursue less "stuff" here on earth.

Last year we bought our property– a small hobby farm. Yes, it has allowed us to live more simply because God has placed the desire in our heart to garden, get back to basics, raise chickens, and enjoy His creation.

Yet that same desire may not be in your heart. You may love the city life or suburbia, or wherever He has placed you. The country life may not be for you.

We can all live simply right where we are. It isn't about our surroundings, but what we do with where He has placed us.

Smack in the middle of the city and the hustle and bustle you can live simply. You can seek Him wherever you are and choose people over things. You can choose to be a light in the dark. You can choose Him wherever He has placed you.

Seek Him wherever you are. In the country, in the city, in a foreign land. Choose to live with less and desire Him more. Choose to develop relationships over accumulating things. All of that can be done in any setting.

Don't wait for the perfect time. Start now. Choose to desire God over everything else and see where He leads you.

Living simply is a matter of the heart, not just a choice to have less. It is a desire to do more real things, live intentionally and with purpose, and seek Him above all else.

NEXT MONTH we will gather together to take some time in a beautiful setting and talk about living more simply! There is a little time left to register! Click below for the info:


Back to Simple Podcast Episode 24

Recently I wrote a blog post about getting back to the simple mindset of living:

I want to get back to simple. Our grandmothers and great-grandmothers did just fine without Pinterest boards, meal plans, chore charts, and organizational methods.  They did what they knew, handed down to them from generation to generation.
I want to get back to simple. I want to focus on relationships more than things. People more than stuff.
Listen in as I talk more about focusing on what really matters...

"There are a million different methods out there telling you how to unclutter your life -But I'm here to point you to God and let Him unclutter your life." 


Back to Simple

There once was a time when life was simpler. Mothers lived by instinct and raised their children trusting their God-given abilities and not the latest blog article about motherhood. And what they didn't know, they asked their grandmas or the kind elderly lady down the street. Folks lingered after supper, sitting on porches sipping tea, exchanging talk, but mostly enjoying relationships.

Things weren't overanalyzed. Life was hard enough without adding in the pressure of doing things "just right." Probably most were concerned with just getting things done.

Sure times were tough, but people were focused. Life was different.

At any given moment in the present, you can find hundreds of articles on how to mother, how to be a better homemaker, how to homeschool, how to live...

There are even Pinterest boards to show you how it all should look, just in case reading about it isn't enough.

There's methods, systems, printables, ebooks, articles, webinars, and an infinite amount of information all telling us how to do everything.

Yet are we so busy trying to figure out how to do everything, that we are forgetting to live?

Now, I am all for gleaning information and enocuragement from other sources- we are blessed to have so much helpful information at our fingertips...but may it not consume us!

There was a time when summers for children meant freedom. Freedom to play, imagine, create, be with friends..all unstructured. Now, we schedule, overcommit, assign homework, and run around, busy, oh so busy...

Nowadays everyone is telling us what to eat and not to eat. Our grandmothers gardened, exchanged recipes and didn't fret over the latest fad. They cooked what was available and didn't have elaborate meal plans.

They didn't have all the gadgets and gizmos that our society tells you that you need when having a baby. One walk down the baby aisle of the local department store has you wondering how on earth they made it without the latest "must-haves?" They had cloth diapers, a few wooden toys, and a whole lot of love...and they raised those babies just fine.

They didn't have an elaborate planner system. The jotted down things on a pad and paper at most. Now, not only do we have planners, we have decorations for those planners...and an infinite amount of resources on how to make them pretty.

Life is short. Do I want to spend it reading about how to live or living it?

Do I want to spend time on dressing everything up or enjoying what I have been given?

I want to get back to simple. Our grandmothers and great-grandmothers did just fine without Pinterest boards, meal plans, chore charts, and organizational methods.  They did what they knew, handed down to them from generation to generation.

I want to get back to simple. I want to focus on relationships more than things. People more than stuff.

Recently we began watching shows on HGTV. I love the entertainment of it and we enjoy them immensely. But I saw what happens when our culture focuses on these details. Just a few episodes in, and I started looking around my house at all the things that are wrong (according to the experts on TV).  It stirred up a (momentary) feeling of discontent. Now, this is from someone who LOVES her house. I truly do. I don't mind that it is basic and not decorated elaborately. I am not into paint colors or the perfect wall hangings. But, I could easily see how distracting it can be when these images tell us how much better we can have it.

Better how? A house that is perfectly decorated, or what I do in that house? Even more, what we do outside of that house. We are intentionally using every bit of our home and property to give back. We want to use it for His glory, and that has nothing to do with how it is decorated.

I want to get back to simple. My own mind can be cluttered enough without adding every new idea that comes along into it.

Back in the day, homes were smaller. People worked hard with what they were given. Folks lingered and knew each other. People took time for each other, in real life. Nowadays socialization takes place behind a screen.

Our grandmothers and great-grandmothers got it right. A simple life lived well. 

Are you with me? Let's get back to simple. Spend time outside this summer and living life with those you love. Spend time on things that matter. Trust your instincts and trust God. He has already given us all we need to live our lives well--His Word.

Stop chasing after a decorated life and live a meaningful one. Trade elaborate details for simple living. Choose your time wisely.

Life is short. Don't spend time wasted on the noise of this world. Live life like our grandmothers did. Bring back simple.

NEXT MONTH we will gather together to take some time in a beautiful setting and talk about living more simply! There is a little time lest to register! Click below for the info: