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Join me for my NEW podcast!

You all know I love to write, but even more I love to chat! In real life! That is why I love doing conferences and speaking. So join me as I will be uploading new topics to my Podcast…all on my heart and simplifying!

I will be recording a new episode each week. I will post them up on the blog as they become available!

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Keeping the Main Thing...The Main Thing

It's pretty easy these days to get distracted. This world is filled to the brim with things that take us away from our purpose.

Homeschooling had become a part of my life that had also been infiltrated with these distractions.

My mind wanders back to when I first began homeschooling. I really had no knowledge of what I was getting into or that there was even so much to get into! All I knew was God had called me, and I was ready to obey. Well, I didn't obey easily, but...that's another story ;)

Once God had called me and I realized we were really going to do this, I was eager to learn more so that I could do it "right." There was a whole community out there of others on this journey...and all of them seemed to be doing it "right."

Over the years, I have come to realize that only God can judge if I am doing it "right" for my family. He is the One I answer to each day. If I try to answer to all of the different voices out there, I am really just going to be just running in circles.

I realized several years into this journey that I must keep the main thing, the main thing.

And for me, the main thing is following God wherever He leads.

How quickly we can take our eyes off of our true goals because we are distracted by a website, a book, or a person. How quickly we can lose sight of our goals and try to make everyone else's goals our own.

The main thing becomes part of the background, mixed in with a whole bunch of noise.

What is your main thing? Why do you feel God called you to this journey? For each family, it will be different.

Don't homeschool because of the reasons others are homeschooling, but for the reason that God called YOU and your family.

I have seen the light at the end of the tunnel. We have now entered the high school years, and listening to God and to my gut on how I should homeschool, has proven to work for our family. I watch my daughter working independently and thinking for herself. I see her working diligently. I am seeing the fruit. Yet, in the years where I was still confused about how I should homeschool or what I should use to homeschool, I could have very easily just ended up confusing us all.

I am thankful that in those years, God let me work it out between Him and me and not between Him and others. I just kept following Him and what He was telling me, and thankfully the distractions didn't win.

It would have been very easy to give up His way for the way others were doing things. I am so grateful for Him directing my steps. I am so grateful to have Him as the main thing.

So ask yourself today...are you keeping the main thing, the main thing? Or are you so distracted you've forgotten what that even is? Take some time with the Lord and ask Him to guide your steps. Then listen, and listen to Him alone.

Read more in my new book!
Real Homeschool: Letting Go of the Pinterest-Perfect and Instagram-Ideal Homeschool


Life is Complicated. Thankfully, Jesus is Not

Sometimes I just can't write. I sit in front of my computer, and just stare. Nothing. Even though my head is swirling with thoughts, they are all mixed up and nothing comes out...

I had deadlines looming and blogs to run...yet I would just sit and stare.

Knowing that God would give me the words when He was ready, I stopped trying.

And now I sit, and all I can write about is how it is hard to write...

Hard, after a few weeks of so many emotions and circumstances, that they are all jumbled together. They're not ready to be sorted out yet. But in God's time they will.

Life is complicated. But thankfully, Jesus is not. He is so simple. He is right there ready to redeem it all.

And all I can think about to write is the truth that is so needed by so many.

We are all running this crazy race called life, with our eyes on so many things, and our feet running in all different directions. There are emotions and jobs and families and sickness, and stuff...so.much.stuff.

Yet, the most important truth we need to know in life to handle all of those things, is right here. The answers we need are so close. Yet, we strive, and we work, and we try to fix things...

It is so much simpler, if we just stop. Hear the truth, and be free. So free. Oh, so, free.

Life is hard and busy and full of complicated situations. Yet He gives us such a simple message.

The beauty of the gospel is this: We don't have to do one.single.thing. to earn salvation. In fact, we can not. It is impossible. Jesus saves. We do not. Jesus redeems. Jesus changes everything. Jesus is enough.

We don't have to strive, we don't have to earn it or work for it or buy it or anything else...no earthly thing can ever rule over Him. He is enough. Jesus paid the price for us all, so our sins can be covered and we can live in heaven. That is the simple truth. We accept it and repent of our sins, and we are free. We are free from any rules and legalism and any other falsehood that tells us we must DO something in order to earn salvation.

The simple truth is- Jesus earned it for us. We reap the reward for what HE did. Does that blow your mind? It should. And if it does, then, and only then do we work, not out of guilt or hoping to achieve something or be rewarded...but out of love. Pure love. Love that then should spill out of our pores into every crevice of our life...and flow into others lives, until we are just spreading His love wherever we go. Love that grows and grows because we just can't get over the fact that HE died for us. And we will live. We don't deserve it, yet here we are. Face to face with the truth. The beautiful truth.

So take your eyes off the world for a bit...because truth is....this world is fading and it's fading fast. The only thing eternal is HIM. Take your eyes off the stuff, the busyness, the clutter, the complications, the work, the details of life...whatever it is that is keeping you from staring truth in the face. Come face to face with truth...hear it. Believe it. Be free.

So simple. So, so simple. Amidst the complications of life, I cling to the most simple but important truth there is.

Jesus is enough.


New Podcast Episode: HELP! I'm Not Equipped to Homeschool!

Help! I’m Not Equipped to Homeschool
You may not be equipped, but God supplies the equipment!

I’m not organized enough.
I’m not smart enough.
I’m not disciplined enough.
We don’t have enough money.
I’m a mess!
Help! I’m Not Equipped to Homeschool!
Feeling like you are being called to homeschool, but don’t feel equipped?
Or are you in the midst of homeschooling and feel like you just can’t go on?
Have no fear. If God has called you, He will equip you!
Join me as we talk about all these things and how I have learned to overcome.

Click below to listen to the podcast:


Freedom From Clutter

New Podcast Episode!
Freedom From Clutter:

I recently wrote about living a clutter-free life and that post really hit home with so many people. Tonight, I sat down to discuss this issue, and really get to the heart.

For years now I have been simplifying and living a more clutter-free life, and last year it all really came to a head when we moved to a new home. We took only what was necessary, and I have found so much freedom in having less stuff. It was a fresh start.

The irony of our society is that we have so much stuff, and continue to seek more, yet we are finding people more and more stressed, busy, and dissatisfied. Why is that?

Our joy comes from so much more than stuff and externals do not define us. Jesus does. Even if you aren’t moving to a new home, you can still choose to start fresh and lessen the amount of clutter in your life.

Face it, more stuff means more stuff to manage and it often brings more stress.

Do you want more peace? More joy? Freedom to live life without being weighed down by stuff?

Join me as we discuss finding freedom from clutter!
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Dear Mom Whose First Day Wasn't Picture-Perfect

Dear Mom whose first day of school wasn’t picture-perfect
Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 7.58.19 AM
Yes, I know it hurts as you scroll through facebook and see picture after picture of smiling children, matching outfits, and hair just so. The chalkboard they’re holding proudly proclaims their grade level…
Yet, your kids somehow don’t look like that. No one wanted to get dressed, let alone wear a new outfit or pretty hairstyle. And grade level? You are wondering where your struggling learner is even at these days.
You try to get the kids in order, so you can take the obligatory picture. After all…everyone is doing– it’s tradition.
They bicker as you try to get them in a cute pose. They whine. They aren’t digging the picture…and neither are you.
Mom, I’ve been there. I know.

Join me over at Bible Based Homeschooling today to read the rest....


Why I Keep A Clutter-Free Home

Recently a friend was over and said my house always seemed so clean. I laughed and replied, "That's because I didn't bring  anything with us from our old house!"

Sort of joking, but really sort of true.
Last year when we moved into this home, we packed all we could into a 26 ft Uhaul (with the exception of outside furniture, tools, etc. that went separately) and that was it. If it didn't fit in the Uhaul, it didn't come with us.

Part of my desire to simplify has always been to have less stuff to manage and more time for things that matter.

Over the years, I saw that I was a manager of piles. I was a manager of stuff. I was always looking for a more efficient way to manage kids toys, kitchen counters, homeschool supplies, gadgets, and more. Yet the simplest solution of all has really been, just have LESS stuff.

Really. When we moved into our home, it was all new and empty. You could literally feel the weight and burden of stuff lifted. And I have every intention of keeping it that way. Our kids don't have many traditional toys, except for Legos and such...but they have a few acres of property, woods, a creek, a barn, and all the toys  that God's Creation provides. And yes, they still have their electronics. That is a work in progress, admittedly. ;)

I like to keep my kitchen counters free of stuff. Thankfully, I have space to hide that toaster, blender, etc, when not in use and it helps things feel less cluttered.

I am also adamant to keep things off the table when not in use. Now, for anyone who knows me...I am NOT  a neat freak and I like to let my kids "live in" the house and not tip toe around a museum. I am NOT about things "looking" perfect. I am all about making a mess in the name of fun! ;)  In fact, when we have friends over our house, you won't see me cleaning up after kids or doing dishes...I want to enjoy my time with them and I will save the cleaning up until it's all over!

But I do enjoy a level of freedom that comes from just having less stuff on a daily basis.  I also work to respect our home and teach my children the same. God has provided a blessing to us, and we are to be good stewards of that blessing. We are to respect it, by keeping it clean and part of that, for me, is keeping it clutter-free.

There truly is more time to just enjoy each other and enjoy friends, and build relationships.

What I have enjoyed filling my home with the most since we moved is people. I have filled it to the brim with people as often as I can. We love to invite friends over, have prayer groups, Bible studies, and just plain fun with friends. Filling up each room with fellowship and laughter makes my heart full and makes me feel like there is purpose in our home.

I think about our society and we have become quite the collectors. In fact, we have so much we need to rent storage facilities to hold all of our stuff. It boggles my mind. How is that possible?

We spend hours and hours to organize stuff, yet we are never really content. Why is that? It is a question I think about often. And it always leads me to Matthew 6:

 “Do not lay up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust[a] destroy and where thieves break in and steal,  but lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys and where thieves do not break in and steal. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.Matthew 6:19-21English Standard Version (ESV)

Does it meant that we have a picture perfect life or that less stuff means we are always joyful? No. We still have our share of squabbles and things to deal with.  And if I could just get my office and homeschool books under control! Yes, I even posted some pictures to Instagram about this lately..hey, I am all about keeping it real ;)

But  I must say, that the tension lessened for sure when our home became less cluttered. My stress levels have definitely decreased, and there is something peaceful about orderliness.

Less stuff also gives you more clarity to see the things that remain and that really, truly matter.

So ask yourself today...what are you filling your home with? Where are you storing your treasure? And what exactly do you treasure most? People or things? Do you have clutter or purpose?

Are you feeling anxious because there are endless piles? Then just do something today. Set out to rid yourself of things that are weighing you down. Choose to have less, and do more...choose to simply live, for Him.

Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 11.13.42 AM

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